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  1. In My Lifetime


I see a whole lotta scary going on right now
I see so many thinking there’s no way out
Sometimes I’m scared myself if I’m being honest
So I think this is what we need

I wanna see signs and miracles
I wanna see the prisoner freedom bound
I’m praying that a Holy Ghost revival
Floods the streets of my hometown
I wanna hear the world sing out Your name
Shouting out Jesus is alive
I wanna have a faith that finally moves the mountains
Right before my eyes
In my lifetime

I need to humble myself, admit when I’m wrong
And be still and know that You’re God cause I am not
So I’m thankful your forgiveness meets me right where I am
It healed my heart and It can heal this land

We lift our eyes
We lift our eyes to You, to You
We give our lives
We give our lives to You, to You